TinaChen“Albert is a very bright, deep and talented individual. As a director, he has a great, creative eye, is even-tempered, and treats people with respect. As an actor, he can portray a wide range of emotions with depth and empathy…Anyone would be lucky to have Albert as a teacher.”

— Tina Chen, Golden Globe and Emmy Nominated Actress
(Three Days of the Condor)

MaryNiederkorn“Most recently, Albert coached me for an audition for a feature film co-produced by an Oscar-winning producer of The Godfather Trilogy and Apocalypse Now. I made it through three rounds of auditions to a final, half-hour meeting with the writer/producer! In my opinion, you will not find a better coach than Albert in the Boston area. He’s the genuine article and gets results for actors.”

–Mary Niederkorn, Actress
(Vivian Bearing in Salem Theatre Company’s Wit)

RafaelMarinho“Albert helped me choose and prepare a scene that I performed for an agent night in New York. I got excellent feedback from it, and even got a follow-up audition with a reputable agency!”

–Rafael Marinho, Actor

AnnBaker“Albert M. Chan is a trained talented actor and director. He is an honest hard worker, who strives to the produce the best results possible in a given situation and expects the same of his students.”

— Ann Baker, Casting Director
(ABC’s Spenser: For Hire)

TiffanyCrosby“I absolutely love working with Albert. Aspiral Acting Studio fosters a safe environment to explore the character’s quest, and Albert is its focused guide, dialed in and in the moment experiencing it with you. What shines about Albert is his respect for both story and student. As an extraordinary storyteller himself, Albert knows the journey first hand and with that knowledge he nurtures you as you delve into character to enrich your path of storytelling mastery!”

— Tiffany Crosby, Actress and Stand-Up Comedian


Aspiral Acting Studio of Boston's mission is to provide a supportive learning environment where committed actors evolve and grow every week through rigorous training, unlike any other class in the Boston area.

Sundays 6-9:30pm
$240 for 4 weeks
Davis Square in Somerville, MA

To register for the ongoing weekly class or to arrange for a FREE audit, please contact our class manager Jennifer at jennifer@aspiralstudio.com.